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Rotel 15-sarjan viritin.


The RT-1570 not only offers conventional radio reception for FM and DAB stations (including DAB+ where available), but features internet radio streaming and audio playback from a media server. Internally the RT-1570 features one of Rotel’s renowned toroid transformers with separate windings for four independent power supplies; two for the DAC circuits and a third for the filter and output stages. The filter/output circuits also include ‘Slit-Foil’ capacitors specifically developed for this model. The fourth power supply supports subsidiary circuits including the CPU and display. All of these circuits feature independent regulation and filtering as befits an audiophile product. The Wolfson DAC offers the advantage of differential outputs to maximise performance, in conjunction with selected components for the signal path, filter circuits and output stages. As well as receiving FM and DAB (DAB+) stations, the RT-1570 will accept a range of audio codecs (most notably mp3, FLAC and AIFF), with resolution and sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. This versatility means that most internet radio services and very high-resolution audio files (normally stored on a local media server) will be reproduced in their native format and resolution. The RT-1570 can easily be incorporated into multi room systems via RS232 and controlled with the likes of Crestron or AMX. The ‘Rotel Link’ is a straight forward ‘plug and play’ method of controlling compatible ‘Rotel Link’ products including amplifiers and CD players. The RT-1570 also includes a 12V trigger for simple system on-off control.

FM Usable Sensitivity
FM 50dB Quieting Sensitivity
27.2dBf (Mono)
FM Signal to Noise Ratio (at 65dBf)
65dBf (Mono)
60dBf (Stereo)
FM Harmonic Distortion (at 65dBf)
0.2% (Mono)
0.3% (Stereo)
FM Frequency Response
10Hz - 15kHz ±3dB
FM Stereo Separation (100Hz/1kHz)
FM Output Level
Line Level: 1V
Digital: 0.7V
FM Antenna Input
75Ω Belling Lee connector
Network Connection
File Formats (UPnP Music Server)

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1 200,00 €
Alkaen: 64,26 € /kk

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