Flexson Playbar pöytäteline

Playbar pöytäteline

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139,99 €
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Playbar pöytäteline max 50kg painavalle televisiolle.


The SONOS Playbar is the perfect way to add quality Home Cinema to your TV, but what if there isn't much space where your TV is located? Place it in front and it could be unstable sitting over the TV's foot. FLEXSON have the answer, a stylish steel stand. Sit your TV on top, slide the Playbar underneath and you have a discreet practical solution. Designed and made in the UK from 2mm steel for a strong rigid support the FLEXSON TV Stand complements the styling and finish of the SONOS Playbar. Designed specifically for the SONOS Playbar Screens up to 50kgs Fully assembled Sit your TV on top and slide the Playbar underneath Metallic Black finish

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Paino: 9.00 kg
Väri: Black
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