Flexson PLAY:5 (gen2) seinäkiinnike

PLAY:5 (gen2) seinäkiinnike

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Normaali hinta: 99,00 €

Erikoishinta: 40,00 €


Designed to perfectly fit the second-generation SONOS PLAY:5, this new Flexson wall-mount bracket is as strong as it is discreet. The Flexson Wall Mount for SONOS PLAY:5 securely holds the speaker in landscape position, from where it can be swivelled (up to 30 degrees left or right) and tilted (up to 20 degrees down), to angle your music to the perfect place.


-Wall mount bracket for the SONOS PLAY:5 (2nd Gen)

-Styled to complement the SONOS PLAY:5 while remaining discreet

-Strong steel construction securely holds speaker in landscape model

-Tilt and Swivel functionality allows you to angle your music to perfect place

-Available in black and white finishes, to match the speaker

-Designed and manufactured in the UK

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Normaali hinta: 99,00 €

Erikoishinta: 40,00 €


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