Flexson Play:3 Desk Stand

Play:3 Desk Stand

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Tällä jalustalla asetat Play3 kaiuttimesi tyylikkäästi tasolle.


The Flexson Desk Stand for the SONOS PLAY:3 speaker is a compact, clever design that angles sound to your ear, minimises vibration and adds a stylish flair. Elegantly crafted from steel, the Flexson Desk Stand for SONOS PLAY:3 is engineered to be a perfect match for the speaker. This beautifully styled solution doesn't mean sacrificing space, either: the stand has the same footprint as the speaker. Ideal for use on desks, tables, bedside cabinets, kitchen worktops, coffee tables and anywhere else in the house you want to enjoy your SONOS PLAY:3. The Desk Stand is just one of a range of bespoke accessories for the PLAY:3 made by British specialist, Flexson. These include wall and ceiling mounts, floor stands, colour skins and extension power cables. Stylish speaker stand angles sound to your ears Holds SONOS PLAY:3 in horizontal mode Optimises speaker performance by minimising vibration Elegant steel design Black or white finishes to match SONOS PLAY:3 Perfect for office desk, kitchen, bedroom and living room

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49,99 €
Alkaen: 2,24 € /kk

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