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Bowers&Wilkinsiltä ensimmäiset langattomat/langalliset vastamelukuulokkeet!


The new PX from Bowers & Wilkins feature 50 years of award-winning acoustic engineering in a pair of headphones so smart they respond intuitively to you. We believe PX sets a new standard in noise cancelling: we’ve spent thousands of hours developing best-in-class noise cancellation that doesn’t adversely affect sound quality. PX uses the latest aptX HD Bluetooth transmission system at 24-bit resolution for a stunningly accurate performance.

Superior Comfort and Battery Life

The design and construction of PX is lightweight but robust. They feature a lightweight frame combined with a ballistic nylon shell and beautifully soft leather ear cushions. The design also folds flat so PX can slip easily into a slim bag, and with 22 hours of wireless listening from one charge, PX won’t let you down.

Noise Cancellation

PX’s active noise cancelling signal has been painstakingly refined to block out ambient sound without affecting the listening experience. With three environment filters (Flight, City and Office) controlled through the companion app, PX always delivers optimum isolation, wherever you are. I

Intuitive User Experience

PX uses built-in sensors to enhance the way you instinctively use a set of headphones. Put them on your head and they’ll switch on: take them off and they’ll return to stand-by mode. Lift an ear cup to talk or hang them round your neck and PX will pause the music, resuming playback when you’re ready to listen. It’s as if the headphones are an extension of you, anticipating your needs.

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Normaali hinta: 399,00 €

Erikoishinta: 349,00 €

Alkaen: 23,97 € /kk

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