Bowers & Wilkins CCM663RD


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RD stands for Reduced Depth – so this speaker will fit into tighter spaces than the standard CCM663. A shallower cone and a redesign of the easy-fit QuickDogsTM frame reduce depth to a more usable 92mm, while retaining everything that makes the CCM663 such a great in- ceiling speaker.

The familiar, yet discreet, dark blue Kevlar® cone of the bass/midrange driver delivers a stunningly clean, detailed response. This, combined with the pivoting aluminium dome tweeter for adjustable off-axis treble response and three-position EQ, make this one of the most versatile custom speakers around.

If preferred, the supplied round grille can be replaced with an optional, square CCM663 grille.


Technical Specifications

Description:  2-way in-ceiling system

Drive Units: 1x Ø25mm (1 in) NautilusTM swirl loaded aluminium dome tweeter 1x Ø150mm (6 in) blue Kevlar® cone bass/midrange

Frequency range (-6dB): 35Hz – 50kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:  25W – 100W

Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V, 1m)

Nominal Impedance: 8Ω (4.8Ω minimum)

Frame: Ø240mm (9.4 in)

Cut-out: Ø202mm (8 in)

Depth behind surface: 92mm (3.6 in)

Protrusion: 7mm (0.3 in)

Net weight: 2.3kg (5 lb)

Pre-mount Kit: PMK C6 

Back Box: BB6W or BB125C


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