Bowers & Wilkins CT7.5/RB-1552mkII/AntiMode2.0 pro

CT7.5/RB-1552mkII/AntiMode2.0 pro

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Tämä järjestelmä on suunniteltu eritoten tuotantoon ja jälkikäsittelyyn niin ääni- kun kuva-alalla. CT7.5 on erittäin tarkalla stereokuvalla varustettu, kaikki yksityikohdat esiin tuova, vaakatasossa oleva monitori. CT sarjan kaiuttimet voivat olla seinällä, ne voidaan upottaa sieniin tai olla ihan jalustalla tai konsolin päällä studiossa. Tässä paketissa mukana huonekorjaus sekä 120 watin päätevahvistin. Sopii niin pieneen kotistudioon kuin isompaan ammattistudioon. Mukaan myös 2x3m kaiutinkaapeli.

Sinun tarvitsee vain valita VÄRI, ohjaelma laittaa itse kappalemäärät ja hinnat oikeiksi, näet tämän kun painat "lisää ostoskoriin" nappia.


Bowers & Wilkins CT7.5:

The entry-level speaker in the CT700 range delivers outstanding spaciousness, imaging and definition through its single 7" Kevlar® bass/midrange unit.

Designed to slot discreetly into custom-built cabinetry, every speaker in the CT700 range can take on either front, centre or surround duties within a multi-channel theatre set-up. Each speaker used Kevlar drive units, and features B&W’s famous Nautilus tube-loaded tweeters – a pioneering technology that draws away and dampens distorting sound waves from the rear of the drive units, thereby producing a much purer sound from the front.

Technical features Nautilus™ tube loaded tweeter

Kevlar® brand fibre bass/midrange cone


Magnetically attached grille
Description 2-way vented-box system
Drive units 1x ø25mm (1 in) cloth dome high-frequency

1x ø180mm (7 in) woven Kevlar® cone bass/midrange
Frequency range -6dB at 48Hz and 28kHz
Frequency response 55Hz – 22kHz ±3dB on reference axis
Dispersion Within 2dB of reference response

Horizontal: over 60º arc

Vertical: over 10º arc
Sensitivity 92dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
Harmonic distortion 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)

<1% 100Hz – 20kHz
Nominal impedance 8 ohm (minimum 4.6 ohm)
Crossover frequency 4kHz
Recommended amplifier power 50W – 120W into 8 ohm on unclipped programme
Max. recommended cable impedance 0.1ohm
Dimensions Height: 305mm (12 in)

Width: 444mm (17.5 in)

Depth: 265mm (10.5 in)

Depth including grille: 288mm (11.3 in)
Net weight 11.5kg (25.4lb)
Finishes Cabinet Black painted

Grille Black cloth

Rotel RB-1552MKII:

The RB-1552 MkII is a 130 Watt per channel class AB amplifier. It is engineered to be powerful and robust, yet able to extract every last nuance out of even the most complex musical score. 

Notable features of the amplifier include independent left and right power rectification stages and decoupling. The layout is essentially a mono block design. Further evidence of design over-spec is in the selection of premium “slit-foil” capacitors, which provide plenty of reserve energy for extremely dynamic audio passages and are able to quickly replenish themselves due to the nature of their unique design. Input options are balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA connectors.

The RB-1552 MkII stereo amplifier has been engineered to provide high-resolution audio performance, yet it is very affordable, as has been the tradition with Rotel electronics for over 50 years.

Intermodulation Distortion (60Hz:7kHz, 4:1)
Damping Factor
Speaker Impedance
4Ω minimum
Input Sensitivity
Line Level Inputs (RCA): 1.5V
Line Level Inputs (XLR): 2.5V
Input Impedance
Line Level Inputs (RCA): 12kΩ
Line Level Inputs (XLR): 100kΩ

RB-1552 MKII Internal View

Dimensions (W × H × D)
431 × 144 × 339mm
17" × 5.7" × 13.4"
Front Panel Height
3U / 132.6mm (5.25")
Power Requirements
230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption
Standby Power Consumption
Net Weight
12.4kg (27lbs.)
BTU Rating (4Ω, 1/8th power)
905 BTU/h


Continuous Power Output
130W/Ch (All channels driven, 8Ω)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
(20Hz–20kHz) <0.03%
Frequency Response
10Hz - 100kHz ±0.5dB
S/N Ratio (IHF "A" Weighted)
RCA: 26.5dB
XLR: 22.5dB


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