Flexson ColourPlay Sub skin

ColourPlay Sub skin

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Tällä teipillä muutat sonoksen subbarin mustasta valkoiseksi.


The brilliant SONOS SUB subwoofer only comes in black but Flexson's ColourPlay skin can fix that! It neatly wraps the SONOS SUB in a gorgeous white gloss finish to better suit your décor and be the perfect partner to white SONOS speakers. ColourPlay skins are made in Europe from durable vinyl, and precision cut to fit every SONOS product. They’re easy to apply: simply peel the vinyl from the backing sheet, position on your SONOS SUB as shown on the product packaging, and smooth down with the supplied applicator to fix in place. Want to change colour? ColourPlay skins peel off without leaving a residue. ColourPlay skins from Flexson are also available for SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 speakers in 5 bright and bold colours, giving you options to either match your décor or offer 'pop' colour. There is also a Black ColourPlay skin for the white SONOS CONNECT allowing you to match it with your other components. White or black Flexson floorstands and wall-mounts offer further flexibility. Watch our video to see how easy it is to ColourPlay! Perfect partner for white SONOS speakers Easy to apply Easy to remove; leaves no residue Covers front, back and sides of SONOS SUB Precision-cut from durable vinyl Made in Europe Easy to apply: simply peel ColourPlay skin off backing paper, position on your SONOS SUB and fix by smoothing down with the supplied applicator


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