AVID Pellere

AVID Pellere

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Pellere tuo lippulaivan Pulsaren tekniikkaa edullisemmassa paketissa. Liitettävyys on huippuluokkaa ja resistanssin ja kapasitanssin vaihto on helppoa.


The Pellere mirrors the design innovation pioneered in the flagship Pulsare phonostage and bridges the gap to the Pulsus phonostage. Like the Pulsare the Pellere is fully balanced throughout and retains the same internal high specification components, keeping noise and distortion exceptionally low across the audio spectrum and with the same impressive headroom, there"s the same feeling of never "running out of steam". Whilst inputs and outputs remain both XLR and RCA, Gain, Resistance and Capacitance are all easily adjustable using high quality switches from the base panel and offer exceptional flexibility. A passive RIAA (with Neumann HF correction) circuit using high-end capacitors, helps maintain linearity of reproduction; and an external regulated 300va power supply provides nothing short of prodigious power to each channel separately. Passionately manufactured within our own facilities, everything from PCB assembly, testing and quality control to the high quality casework ensures a long lasting reliable product, allowing you to not just listen, but experience the full potential that vinyl replay has to offer.

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