Rotel A10 black demo

A10 black demo

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

Normaali hinta: 479,00 €

Erikoishinta: 279,00 €


Rotel A10 on laadukkaiden vahvistimien perusaskel. Laadukkaasti soiva täysin analoginen vahvistin tarjoaa usean RCA-sisääntulon sekä MM-levysoitinliitännän. Suosittu malli myös ammattiympäristössä tarkkailukaiuttimien pariksi.


The A10 is a 40-watt per channel integrated amplifier that will satisfy the audio purist who doesn’t require high power output or digital streaming capability. Its straightforward operation is refreshing and its performance is a pleasure to listen to.

If you are considering taking your first step into a true hi-fi system or are seeking a small, high quality audio system for another living space, you can’t do better than the A10 integrated amplifier. The A10 is all about maximum performance for the price. Its design strips away added features that increase the overall cost and can detract from your musical enjoyment. Simple to operate and a pleasure to listen to, the A10 has connectivity for all your listening sources including an analogue media input (3.5mm mini-jack) for iOS devices or other media players, a CD input, a MM phono input in case your taste runs to classic LPs, a Tuner input to listen to your favourite radio stations and two Aux inputs for other analogue source devices.


Paino: 5.9000 kg
Väri: Black
Takuu 2 vuotta
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