Bowers & Wilkins 606 + Marantz Melody X Bundle

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Tässä paketissa yhdistyy hinta/laatusuhteeltaan upeasti soiva Bowers & Wilkins 606 kaiutin sekä menestyksekäs Marantz Melody X (M-CR612) yhdistelmälaite. Tässä paketissa on kaikki nykypäivän toiminnot kuten Spotify Connect, radio (FM + nettiradio) sekä optinen kytkentä televisiolle. Marantz oppii television kaukosäätimen voimakkuuden säädöt, joten käyttö on hyvin jouhevaa. Melody X vahvistimessa voit myös sillata A ja B kaiutinlähtöjen päätteet jolloin teho kasvaa tuntuvasti ja järjestelmä soi entistä paremmin.

Tästä näppärän kokoinen kaiken kattava stereojärjestelmä jonka hinta/laatusuhde on todella kova. Äänenlaadullisesti tämä on huimasti parempi paketti kuin mikätahansa soundbar tuote eikä vie juurikaan sen enempää tilaa. Suosittelemme!


A true Hi-Fi System in an elegant design featuring CD playback, DAB+, and modern music streaming sources with HEOS built-in

The moment you see the new Melody X, you’ll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. It not only looks superb, it’s also a superb performer. The elegant network CD receiver supports near limitless streaming platforms through AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and HEOS WiFi connectivity. Connect your speakers to the Melody X through four high-efficiency digital audio amplifier channels and enjoy the most musical Marantz audio. With two optical digital inputs, you can even connect your television for elevated entertainment experience. The built-in DAB+ and FM tuners as well as TuneIn Internet Radio complete the set of music sources. If music matters to you, the Melody X is the number one music system to choose.


  • 60W x 2ch (6 ohms), or 4x 30W for speaker A/B with individual volume setting 
    - Power and connectivity to suit your demanding audio preference
  • Plays CD, WMA/MP3 (CD-R/RW) and features an FM and DAB+ tuner 
    - No matter how you listen, enjoy your music with elevated Marantz audio quality
  • Play songs from Internet Radio, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, TIDAL, and from your smartphone via AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth 
    - Stream music from all your favourite sources
  • Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri voice agents 
    - Use your voice to control the Melody X, no matter which voice agent
  • Supports MP3 and gapless WAV/FLAC/ALAC 192kHz/24bit, DSD 2.8/5.6MHz playback 
    - High-performance, high-resolution audio playback for every source
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support 
    - Improved network stability even in Wi-Fi-crowded homes
  • Includes two digital Optical inputs with auto-sensing for your TV or digital device 
    - The Melody X detects the signal input from your TV and outputs elevated audio Works with your existing TV remote
  • Program the Melody X to work with your TV remote and easily adjust volume up, volume down, mute and source selection
The Most Musical Sound

Engineered and extensively tuned by a team drawing on more than 65 years of Hi-Fi expertise, the Melody X provides exceptional performance for your audio collection. Whether digital or analog, enjoy the most musical sound from any source.

Featuring four channels of high-efficiency, low-distortion digital audio amplification, easily configure the Melody X to drive two pairs of loudspeakers with independent volume control for each pair. Or, configure it to drive a single pair of speakers with double the output power, with the option to connect a pair of audiophile bi-amp compatible speakers.

Elegant Design and Audiophile Construction

The Melody X combines refined elegance and thoughtful design into a compact network CD receiver. Styled in a high-gloss black or a classic silver-gold finish, the Melody X offers a beautiful look to complement its superb performance. Deluxe vertical lighting accents on the front panel give that extra touch of quality. Designed with the modern audiophile in mind and crafted with superior materials that elevate audio quality. Fully optimized to reproduce the best audio performance possible, the compact signal paths reduce distortion and improve sound. Premium passive and active components amplify precision sound and audio quality.

Unlimited Music Sources

It does not stop with CD and FM/DAB+ radio playback. Thanks to built-in HEOS technology, you can enjoy your favourite digital music through a most comfortable App operation. Enjoy music from Spotify, TuneIn Internet Radio, Sound Cloud, Tidal, Napster, Deezer or your local music file libraries. With additional HEOS components like the HEOS speaker range or other HEOS-capable receivers, easily play all of your music in one room or many. AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth let you easily stream music and app content directly from your smartphone.


Better audio quality than a Soundbar

Connect your digital TV or cable/satellite set-top-box and a Blu-ray or DVD player to either of the two digital audio inputs to enjoy full dynamic range digital audio playback of your favourite movies and TV shows. The Melody X can automatically wake when sensing an audio signal from the television, and can be programmed to work with your TV’s remote for volume, mute and source selection.

Supports Major Voice Control Agents

Enjoy effortless voice control and total flexibility from the leading voice agents. Speak commands with Amazon Alexa,
Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

Ask to play your favourite music, turn the volume up, skip to the next track, switch inputs and more.

Switch between voice agents, or pick a favourite to use — you’re in control. Functionality varies by voice agent.


More than 65 Years of Audiophile Heritage

Founded in 1953, Marantz has a long and rich history of designing audiophile components embraced by music lovers and critical listeners around the world. Because Music Matters so much in our lives, the Melody X carries on the long Marantz tradition of delivering a superlative music listening experience.

Bowers & Wilkins 606

Technical features
Decoupled Double Dome aluminum tweeter
Continuum™ cone bass / midrange

2-way vented-box system

Drive units
1x ø25mm (1 in) aluminum dome high-frequency
1x ø165mm (6.5 in) Continuum™ cone bass / midrange

Frequency range
-6dB at 40Hz and 33kHz

Frequency response
52Hz - 28kHz ±3dB

88dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Harmonic distortion
2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
<1% 100Hz - 22kHz
<0.5% 150Hz - 20kHz

Nominal impedance
8Ω (minimum 3.7Ω)

Recommended amplifier power
30W - 120W into 8Ω on unclipped program

Height: 345mm (13.5 in)
Width: 190mm (7.5 in)
Depth: 300mm (11.8 in) cabinet only
324mm (12.8 in) including grille and terminals

Net weight
6.9kg (15.2 lb)

Boxed weight
16kg (35.3 lb) pair

Cabinet finishes

Grille finishes


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